# What is BlizzAPI?

BlizzAPI is a Node.js library which simplifies authorization and retrieving data from Blizzard Battle.net APIs (opens new window).

BlizzAPI is not another glorified wrapper for a fetch library. It offers simple but powerful API and a vast number of useful utility functions based on abstractions used by Blizzard in their game data APIs.

While it is possible to use BlizzAPI directly in any project that uses data from Battle.net APIs, it was primarily designed to be a reliable dependency for more specialized tools or other libraries.

BlizzAPI was initally created in November 2018 for a Twitch extension displaying StarCraft II statistics but it works with APIs for all Blizzard games.

BlizzAPI uses Client Credentials Flow (opens new window) for obtaining data from Battle.net APIs. It was not designed nor tested around Authorization Code Flow (opens new window).

Last Updated: 2/24/2023, 7:10:36 PM